The 4 Biggest Benefits of a Port Miami Cruise

Port Miami offers a wide variety of benefits to cruise lovers of all shapes and sizes. Click here to learn more about these terrific benefits.

Imagine for a moment. The sweet tropical breeze is blowing through your hair, the scent of margaritas and sunscreen are tickling your nostrils. You’re listening to reggae music and feeling the warm sun on your face.

You can experience this pure bliss by booking a cruise.

Your cruise would most likely take you through Miami before heading out to other destinations. Port Miami is the most popular on the earth. It processes more passengers than any other port in the world – over 5.1 million, to be exact.

There’s a reason so many people are booking cruise trips in the tropics. Let’s talk about the 4 biggest reasons you should be booking your cruise now.

1. Cruises Are All-Inclusive

When you book your cruise, everything is included. Your accommodations, food, transportation while ported and entertainment are taken care of.

There are some luxury cruises that even include all of your alcoholic beverages, gratuities, and destination excursions in their fee. They also include complimentary Cirque de Soleil shows and rock concerts.

If you have a family, your kids may get in for free, depending on what cruise line you choose. You can also book a cruise with a company like Disney or Royal Caribbean and your kids will meet characters from their favorite movies.

Cruise Ships in Port Miami

2. Experience Multiple Destinations

If you can think up an itinerary, it’s most likely a cruise you can book. You can travel to Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic and Jamaica in one fell swoop.

All of this is without unpacking or repacking your luggage. Your ship will travel through the night, so you’ll wake up in a new place each day!

The cruise arranges your day trips and notifies you of a time to report back to the boat. This means you don’t have to worry about hailing a taxi or scheduling a ferry ride.

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3. Ease of Planning

Cruises are one of the easiest vacations you could plan. There’s no searching for hotels and scouring the internet for best prices. You don’t need to figure out how you’re going to get from point A to point B.

You are able to pick any cruise line you wish – they even have themed ones. You also are able to select your own dates and the length of the vacation. You can forget about having to figure out which restaurants are good or which excursions to book.

4. Port Miami, Port Canaveral, and Port Everglades

The top three cruise ports are found at these locations. When your cruise ports, you get to spend some time outside of the boat.

At any one of these locations, you can book a half day or full day excursions, depending on how long you port. If you don’t have excursions in your budget, you can experience the culture for free.

If you’re visiting one of these tropical locations, swimming and beaches should be easy to find. Wandering down to a local farmers market for samples or checking out a historical site is another activity to do, free of charge.

As you can see, on the boat or at a destination, cruises are truly a place where adventures can happen. If you’re interested in booking a cruise, contact us now.

Port Miami offers a wide variety of benefits to cruise lovers of all shapes and sizes. Click here to learn more about these terrific benefits.
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