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How We Started

South Florida Cruising is a new site and we started it because we simply love cruising! From spending so much time in South Florida working in the cruise industry we couldn’t resist from helping everyone learn more about cruises from the region. Our site is run by former crew members and experienced writers who have been involved in cruising for years.

Our Aim

With South Florida being the main world cruise hub with some major cruise ports and cruise line headquarters we thought it would make sense have an entire site dedicated to the region.

By having a more specific site we can really get into the core details for people wanting to cruise out of the hugely popular ports in South Florida. We’ll be bringing plenty of guidance and tips to make it easier for people booking cruises from there.

As time goes by we’ll be adding a lot of recourses and articles which will only benefit those interested in South Florida Cruising including posts on Port Miami, Port Everglades, Port Canaveral and Port of Tampa.

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We’re very active on social media and those wanting to know more about South Florida Cruising can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also contact us on this site and we’ll always be happy to hear your thoughts.

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