The Best Port Canaveral Parking Guide

Planning your South Florida cruise can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to. Check out our Port Canaveral parking guide to save yourself some stress.

When you’re planning your South Florida cruise, it’s easy to be so excited that you completely overlook the important details.

One of the most crucial ones? Parking. Parking your car when going on a cruise might seem like a hassle, but we’re here to help. Check out our Port Canaveral parking guide to save yourself some stress.

Port Canaveral Parking Made Easy

It may be a huge port, but Port Canaveral is undergoing some big changes to modernize its infrastructure. If you’re planning to catch a cruise from there, you should plan your trip ahead of time and make arrangements. Of course, these arrangements should include parking.

It pays to keep in touch with the port’s latest announcements.

The project that will eventually allow Port Canaveral to welcome some of the most massive cruise ships that sail across the globe. The planned new terminal will limit parking spots and rewrite all guides, so remain informed.

Parking at the Terminal vs. Offsite Parking

This is the most crucial decision when it comes to Port Canaveral parking. It’s also one that isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Parking at the terminal means that your car will be relatively close-by when you return. It also means that it will be covered by any security measures the port itself has.

Offsite parking refers either to parking your car out of the port, or handing it over to a valet who will drive it to an offsite parking. If you park your car out of the port, you may need some kind of shuttle service to move you from and to the terminal of your departure or arrival. Keep that in mind when budgeting for your trip.

As a rule of thumb, parking at the terminal is more convenient. However, it’s also considerably more expensive.
Offsite parking becomes cheaper the farther away from the terminal your car gets. Some offsite parking lots are remarkably cheap, but you will have to rely on shuttle services. These shuttles can be very slow during busy days. Plus, two shuttle rides will cost you a bit extra in tips as well.

Booking in Advance

Virtually all booking services, including Park N Cruise and other related providers offer a range of options. All parking companies give you the option to book in advance and reserve your parking spot. Some companies offer you more than 50% off the price if you reserve your place online or through telephone in advance.

Booking in advance also guarantees you a Port Canaveral parking spot even at the busiest of days, when terminal parking lots are completely booked.

If you are serious about planning your South Florida cruise efficiently, you should definitely book your parking space in advance.

Now, if you forgot to book in advance, you can always just book on the spot. There are many offsite lots you can try if all terminal parking lots are taken. You can also always check out the relevant Google results and drive to the nearest available lot.

Ready to get started?

Check out South Florida Cruising, the authority in cruise news and tips. We’ll help you find out how to play your south Florida cruise with zero hassle. We also offer tips on how to go on the cruise of your dreams without breaking the bank. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Happy cruising!


The Best Port Canaveral Parking Guide
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