Finding the Best Hotels Near Port Everglades Cruise Terminals

If you're taking a cruise from South Florida then here is a guide on finding the best hotels near Port Everglades cruise terminal.

Are you interested in booking a cruise to the Caribbean or Bahamas? If the answer is yes, then it’s important that you learn more about South Florida and hotels near Port Everglades cruise terminals.

That’s because you should plan on getting to Miami prior to the sail date of your cruise. There are many advantages of arriving to your port ahead of your scheduled departure date. You’ll be more prepared and ready to go plus you can explore South Florida, fine restaurants, amazing ocean views and incredible culture. You don’t want to be the couple or family fr

antically scrambling last minute attempting to board a ship that is ready to leave simply because you arrived on the departure date and didn’t have time to get organized.

Port Everglades History

Welcome to one of the busiest cruise ports in the world; Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where more than 3 million passengers set sail on the cruise of their choice in 2016. Contrary to popular belief, Port Everglades is the #1 Seaport in Florida if we go by Revenue. Everglades was also the #2 Multi-Day Cruise Port in the World with 877 ship calls and 4 million passengers in 2015. Most people aren’t aware of the history of Port Everglades but it’s quite intriguing.

Port Everglades started as a natural body of fresh water that was a part of a canal system. In 1911, city officials recognized the potential for the port to be used in trade to ship produce and other goods. In order for this to become a reality, they needed deeper water. The Florida Board of Trade subsequently passed a resolution to allow this. Eventually, a new river was dug out that went all the way to the sea.

The founder and mayor of Hollywood Florida decided to purchase over 1300 acres of land close to the this new development in 1924 which ultimately concluded with the creation of the Broward County Port Authority. In 1928, the POTUS attempted to push a button from the White House that would detonate explosives all the way down in Florida that would remove the rock barrier that separated the harbor from the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately it didn’t work, yet the directive was still completed within a few months thereafter.

Port Everglades Hotels

When preparing for your cruise, it’s best to plan ahead and if possible find hotels near port everglades cruise terminals several days prior to your departure date. While this might not be a luxury that everyone is afforded, it’s well worth the additional time off if you can make it happen. If you are able to spend a few days in South Florida prior to your departure, you’ll need a hotel. While there are hundreds of luxurious beach front hotels in South Florida from West Palm Beach all the way down to Miami, it’s probably wise to book a hotel close to Port Everglades since that is where your ship will be departing from.

An important thing to remember is that Port Everglades is very close to the Fort Lauderdale airport so it will be a very short trip from the airport to your hotel. This is important for those that arrive several days early because you can rent a car and easily get to your hotel with 15 minutes of leaving the airport. Google maps will help you identify the quickest route to get from the airport to your hotel.

There are over 30 hotels within a 25 mile radius of Port Everglades so you have lots of choices. Are you looking for a budget hotel or a five star hotel that has a ton of amenities and comforts away from home? Let’s go over some options that a lot of cruisers like to evaluate when deciding on the best hotel for them to book.

Distance from Port: If you are arriving the day before or the day of the cruise, this will probably be very important to you. The following hotels are a mile or less away from the port that offer a shuttle service.


Airport Transfers: Airport transfers are pretty cool, right? What an awesome service! Someone waiting specifically for you, providing a great service to ensure you get from the airport to their hotel in a safe and accommodating manner. Some of these types of services are free while others will cost a small fee similar to a taxi. Let’s look at the hotels that offer free Airport Transfers.

Cruise Ships in Port

Please keep in mind that a lot of these offers are predicated on you purchasing a specific package. We’ve included phone numbers so that you can call the hotel directly and ask about the latest prices, offers and promotions. Don’t forget to ask about promotions. Many times hotel staff are directed not to tell you about specific offers unless you ask.

    (954) 527-2700 $9 w/ Cruise Pkgs
    (954) 763-7670 Yes free comp w/ Cruise Pkgs
    (954) 462-7005 Yes free comp w/ Select Cruise Packages
    (954) 522-8822 Yes free comp w/ Select Cruise Packages
    (954) 523-8080 Yes free comp w/ Select Cruise Packages
    (954) 828-9905 Yes free comp w/ Select Cruise Packages
    (954) 728-2577 Yes comp w/ Select Cruise Packages

Again, we’ve include phone numbers so that you can call the hotels directly. Prices and promotions change regularly so while these were the prices/promotions at the time this article is being written, it’s important to find out what their latest promotions and prices are. Many times hotels are happy to provide you with specials and discounts once you are on the phone because they know you are sincerely interested in making a reservation versus someone who is looking online.

Port Everglades Cruise Terminals

You’re ready to set sail on the cruise of your dreams. You’ve been watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and have spent countless hours sifting through the pros and cons of tips from all of the reviews you’ve been reading Trip Advisor. Don’t worry, that is the norm these days and it’s a really good idea to gather as much information about your cruise ahead of time. Even if you are a seasoned cruiser, things change and there is always something to prepare for whether it’s possible storms, new ship regulations, destination sailing paths or even onboard changes that might affect your cruise once you arrive in Fort Lauderdale.

Port Everglades Terminals: What to Expect

Everyone has different expectations about Port Everglades cruise terminals. For those who have never taken a cruise before think of an airport terminal where you see restaurants and fancy stores where you’ll typically see items you could find 40% cheaper at a local department store. Very true but the reality is that it’s the comfort and convenience that makes you feel good right? After all, not everyone can hop on a cruise to the Bahamas. You’re special and you should be treated as such. Port Everglades does their best to do just that.

Let’s take a look at some of the amenities you’ll experience after arriving at your terminal.

  • Snack machines, restrooms and seating areas in terminals.
  • Secured parking in two parking garages with 4,500.
  • Spaces plus three gated external lots inside walking reserve to the terminuses.
  • Effectual drop-off areas plus parking ramps
  • Covered walkways
  • Elevator/stairway access to walkways
  • Shuttle deal from space garages to choice reserved terminals
  • Vehicle-to-ship caretaker deal for baggage

Easy access to local transportation: airport, highway, buses, taxis, rental cars
Conveniently located next to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
Ideal for a post-cruise vacation in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area

Port Everglades Departure Tips

Finding the Best Hotels Near Port Everglades Cruise Terminals
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Call ahead of time: Make sure to contact your cruise line before arriving at Port Everglades to verify your schedule and terminal info. This can be important if there is severe weather in the area or other circumstances that require such information.

Port Arrival: Arrive at the Port at least 3 hours ahead of time if you can just in case there is bad traffic. Most Cruise lines ask that you board at least two hours prior to departure.

Bring a photo ID: Everyone 18-years-old and older must produce a government-issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license or passport) at the security checkpoint before entering the Port.
Keep all cruise documents and personal ID on you. Place them in your carry-on bag. Do not pack them in your checked in luggage. You will need to provide these documents at various check points before boarding your cruise ship.

Be ready for security: Security is always taken very seriously at the Port help to ensure the safety of all passengers. While it might seem like an inconvenience, please try your best to cooperate with security personnel to expedite boarding and safe passage for everyone.

Mark your luggage: Make sure that you use clearly identifiable luggage tags that are typically provided by your cruise line before handing over to porters for delivery to your stateroom.
Keep valuables with you. Make sure to keep any valuables, breakables, personal items and medications, along with your photo ID and cruise documents on you at all times.

Follow the signs: Digital signs with ship names and terminal assignments are updated daily. Make sure to read them clearly so that you understand where you should be headed.
Personal Safety Tips

It’s really imperative that you pay attention to news headlines and understand the basic precautions and dangers that come with being aboard a ship and traveling with thousands of people. After all you will spend most of your time cruising in the middle of the ocean, far from the convenience of cellphone calls, hospitals and family. Rest assured that all companies that operate cruises are certified and have gone through an extensive checklist of items from the operating state of the engine, ship capacity levels, staffing and emergency protocols. That doesn’t mean unexpected circumstances won’t happen.

Port Everglades, Florida

Important safety tips to remember when cruising

It’s always a good idea to write these down and keep in your stateroom. You don’t have to memorize them but it doesn’t hurt to go through them with your family once a day so that everyone is aware of what to do should something unexpected happen that requires you to act immediately.

1. When posting to forums, blogs or other forms of social media, never use your real names. It just makes sense. Even if you are a solo cruiser, you shouldn’t provide your real identity to anyone that you don’t feel comfortable doing so with.

2. Know your limits with alcohol. Alcohol can greatly influence decisions you make on or off a ship. It’s probably best to go easy on the alcohol on board your ship. Be cognizant of your consumption, where you are at and who you are interacting with. Send yourself a text message from time to time. It sounds stupid but it will serve as a time stamp of current events.

3. It’s amazing listening to the waves splash upon the ship as your cruising throughout the night but aware of your balcony (if you have one) and hold onto the railing firmly when you are on the deck. You can easily get tossed overboard by not paying attention to your surroundings, especially in rough waters where the ship is tossing and turning while cutting through the waves.

4. Don’t carry around large sums of cash. There’s no reason to do so. Even if your cruise ship has a casino, you can easily use a digital wallet or online account for betting purposes. Carrying around large sums of cash only provides the opportunity for things to go wrong. Instead, use your safe and keep your money there or hidden elsewhere. If you need more cash, go and retrieve it. Enjoy your time without setting yourself up for potential problems.

5. Be cautious if you are have expensive jewelry or fancy watches. Yes, it feels good to walk about and show off your wardrobe but probably best to be safe. Keep your expensive jewels at home or use your safe. If you are going to wear your expensive bling regardless, don’t use public restrooms, don’t interact with staff and whatever you do, don’t engage others about your personal life.

When you are looking to book your cruise and search for hotels near port everglades cruise terminals, keep these tips in mind to ensure you have the best cruise ever.

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