The Insiders Guide to Port Canaveral Cruises

Like many places in south Florida, Port Canaveral is sunny and beautiful but it is also uniquely wonderful. Find out exactly how by clicking here.

Florida boasts the top three busiest cruise ports in the world, and it’s any wonder. With sun, beaches, and attractions as far as the eye can see, ports like Port Canaveral make leaving for your cruise part of the destination.

Here are a few things that make Port Canaveral one of the best in the world.

It Boasts Some of the Best Cruise Liners

Norwegian Cruise Line is famous for its 2,004-passenger Norwegian Sky which sails from Port Miami. But did you know Port Canaveral is getting its own all-inclusive model?

The Norwegian Sun will arrive in Orlando in the summer of 2018, according to Norwegian Cruise Line CEO, Andy Stuart. The liner will carry 1,936 passengers and promises a value-rich onboard experience.

The Norwegian Sun will join seven other ships from three other cruise lines currently based in Cape Canaveral’s local port.


Orlando is right next door

Orlando, Florida saw an estimated 66 million tourists in 2015, making it the most-visited destination in the United States. And it’s not hard to see why.

Walt Disney World is Orlando’s obvious crown jewel, but it’s far from its only attraction. Universal Studios got magical in 2010 with the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that has delighted fans and muggles alike. The city of Orlando itself also boasts some fantastic entertainment options.

The city of Orlando itself also boasts some fantastic entertainment options. These range from Vegas-esque experiences to one-of-a-kind local arts.

Cape Canaveral is just 45 minutes from Orlando, making a day excursion not just feasible, but practically mandatory.

The Caribbean is at Your Fingertips

The Insiders Guide to Port Canaveral Cruises
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The key to a good cruise is balance. You’re not just paying for the days at sea, you’re there for the island experiences as well. So making sure you get to the Caribbean with enough time to appreciate it is all-important.
Leaving from South Florida ensures you make it to the Caribbean in great time. This means you get the most out of your Caribbean island experience while still enjoying the party at sea.

Port Canaveral is an Attraction Unto Itself

Cape Canaveral is more than just a port of call. It’s the ideal place to extend your holiday whether you’re stepping on or off the ship.

Take advantage of Florida’s gateway to space at the Kennedy Space Center. With the opportunity to get up close to the Space Shuttle Atlantis or catch a real-time rocket launch, it’s a sure hit with the science crowd.

If you prefer something more down to earth, the Manatee Sanctuary Park boasts some beautiful river-front scenery. Relax in the sun or try to catch a glimpse of a manatee along the park’s boardwalk.

And when you’re not exploring space or trying to befriend a sea cow, Cape Canaveral has your meals covered with some of the best seafood restaurants on the coast.

Get the Most out of Your Cruise Port

With Walt Disney World just a stone’s throw away, and the Kennedy Space Center on your hotel’s doorstep, Port Canaveral is more than just a cruise port – it’s your gateway to a more fulfilling vacation.

Still not sold on your Florida port? Check out these top 3 benefits of a South Florida cruise.

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