Port Miami Parking for Cruises

A guide on Port Miami parking for cruises with terminal details, parking locations and even alternative modes of transport for the popular south Florida port.

Port Miami located in the Sunshine state is a global gateway for all kinds of activities like trading, tourism and travel. It is a community of 2.7 million residence working there, and they are working at major international firms or financial institutions or top NGOs. We can therefore easily see that Port Miami is just a very popular place. If you are new in working there, or you just want to go on a cruise in Port Miami, you will need to know a lot of things regarding Port Miami parking for cruises.

Find Out More on Port Miami Parking for Cruises

The first one to know, is about parking at Port Miami. After all, when you go for a cruise you will most probably not go there by foot. America is huge. Knowing that Port Miami is so busy, Port Miami parking for cruises can now be a challenge for you. So, here is a guide about parking at the Port Miami for cruisers.

First of all, you need to know that Port Miami is indeed accessible by vehicles, but most cruise lines include shuttle services while transport you from Miami International Airport to the port directly. This may actually be an attractive alternative if you do not want to rent a car at all, and hey, this saves the trouble of Port Miami parking for cruises, that is, you.

If you still want to go there with your own vehicles, then you will need to know that the terminals in Port Miami can be very far away. For example, Terminal D and Terminal E are distanced about and so they essentially have two different address! You need to know which terminal is your destination or else you may miss your cruise if you end up arriving at the wrong terminal.

Port Miami Cruise Ships

Several points to know about Port Miami parking for cruises is also includes:

1. The fee is $20 per night before 12/01/2017, and the rate will be increased by 10% since that date. Also, you need to note that the rate can be subject to change by the Port authority.

2. There is a garage parking lot known as the Parking Lot #2. It is an open and outdoor lot. Please note that this is the only lot that has spaces available for oversized vehicles.

3. The Parking Lot #2 is located cross from Cruise Terminal E. An additional charge of $20 per night (and $22 per night after 1/01/2017) will be charged if your vehicle is longer than 20’.

4. There will be security on patrol during the day and night. Therefore, security and safety is generally not a concern. However, I will still suggest you to take any valuable belongings with you in person.

5. No reservations are neededfor Port Miami parking for cruises.

6. You will need to pay only when you return from your journey and leave. A range of payment options are accepted, which include cash, visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discovery Card or even check. However, debit cards are not accepted.

7. Foreign currencies are not accepted. You must pay in USD if you intend to pay in cash.


Port Miami Distance From Airport

It does not take long for you to travel to Miami Port. After all, its convenient location is one of the reasons for its popularity. If you drive from Miami International Airport, it will only take you 25 minutes to travel the 8 miles’ distance between the two. Alternatively, if you are from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, the distance between it and Port Miami will be 26 miles. You will need to take slightly less than 45 minutes to reach there.

Of course, all the travel time mentioned above is only approximation and is subject to variations depending on weather and your own driving speed.

Port Miami Parking for Disabled

Port Miami Parking for Cruises
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If you are a disabled person, then there is addition information for Port Miami Parking for cruises. According to Miami-Dade County Ordinance, all guests with a disabled parking permit or license are required to pay the same rates as a normal person, unless if it is exempted by the Florida State Law—but this is not the case in Miami Port. However, if you display a disabled parking permit on your car, they will provide you with two hours of complimentary parking.

In addition, only vehicles with specialized equipment can be used by a person with disability. The equipment includes ramps, lifts, foot or hand controls. This is also a requirement of the Florida Statute 316.1964.

Besides, please be noted that there are two cell phone waiting lots available for customers for automobile drivers to pick them up. Debarking cruise passengers then are available to travel across Terminal B and Terminal 2.

Alternative Travel Methods for Port Miami

There are much other options for you to travel to Port Miami from basically everywhere. For example, you can always travel by a taxi, but I assume this will not be your top priority given the high cost associated with it. Another option may be by trolley. The Miami city’s Coral Way Route stops on Port Miami every 15 to 20 minutes from 630am to 8pm everyday except Sundays.

Railway is another public transit option. You can take the Metrorail’s Orange Line to get you from Miami International Airport to Downtown Miami. Then, you can just walk to the port—the distance is only 1.5 miles. You can also treat it as a nice opportunity for exercise.

You can rent a car if you do not have your own cars. There are a lot of car rental services available at Miami International Airport. Just go out of the airport terminal and you will see them, or they will find you to be more exact. It is advised though, tat you should contact your preferred car agent before hand to obtain the most updated information, including fee and travel time. The car agents that you may like include Dollar Rent-A-Car, Hertz Rent-A-Car, and Amigo’s Car Rental.

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Enjoy You Your Cruise from South Florida

This guide is already comprehensive for you to fully understand how Port Miami parking for cruises can be challenging, and how you can make sure you are doing the right thing. A cruise journey is always going to be relaxing and special, and all these can only be achieved if you do the first step right—park your car and get on the cruise on time.

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