What are the Best Port of Miami Hotels to Stay In?

Looking for a great hotel to stay in before your Miami cruise? Then click here! This article will reveal the best port of Miami hotels to book a stay in.

Are you ready to take on one of your greatest adventures yet? You’ve certainly made the right choice by choosing to cruise to your next destination. If you’re setting sail out of Miami, it’s best to get there at least a day ahead of departure so you’re not pressed for time.

Starting out your vacation stressed about timeclocks is no way to enter into waves of peaceful relaxation.
By choosing to stay in one of these Port of Miami hotels, you’ll be choosing to wake up feeling refreshed and excited the day you set sail. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Mondrian South Beach

The pricing at Mondrian South Beach is surprisingly affordable, considering how posh your surroundings will be.
They manage to intertwine brocade and Japanese anime with an elegant, uptown vibe.

Everything appears to glisten in this well-maintained hotel. The pool is the number one place to luxuriate as soon as you arrive.

You’ll overlook Biscayne Bay and wonder how the Florida sun manages to set in such vibrant colors.
Coming in at about $183 this time of year, Mondrian South Beach is one of the finest in a large selection of Port of Miami hotels.

The quick trip to the port will cost you next to nothing in cab fare.

Hotel Beaux Arts Miami

Doesn’t the name alone sound exhilarating? This is a 5-star hotel that’s paid attention to every last detail, including that espresso machine in your room.

This is another sleek, modern retreat among all the other Port of Miami hotels.

As a boutique hotel with only 44 rooms, you know you’re going to be steeped in comfort and luxury.

Coming in at about $395 this time of year, this is the place to be if you want to splurge before making your way to new island adventures.

Only five minutes away from the port by car, you’re sure to have the most peaceful morning before boarding the ship.


EPIC Miami

What an appropriately named hotel. EPIC Miami is a 54-story jewel box that features glimmering views of the port. Best of all, those views can be enjoyed right from the balcony in your guestroom.

Speaking of your guestroom, when’s the last time you spent the night in a nine-foot-long bed? They feature a selection of “Tall Rooms” that are truly fit for kings and queens.

You can also wash your travel worries away in either of their two infinity pools.

Once relaxed, head on down to their super swanky restaurant, Zuma, for some of the freshest Japanese cuisine this side of the world.

Port Miami Cruise Ships

W Miami

When checking into a W hotel anywhere across the globe, you’re not taking much of a gamble. You’re sure to sleep on cloud-soft beds with the freshest of linens.

The staff will be lovely and the restaurant will serve up only the finest cuisine.

The W Miami does not disappoint. It dazzles in a seamless mixture of Beverly Hills Rococo, clean modernistic lines, and Asian accents. Bright pops of color festoon this entire oasis.

Some of the spacious guestrooms take on a whimsical vibe with flowing canopy beds.
While the price tag of $329 will make you wonder if everything is dipped in gold, we can assure you, it gets pretty close.

If you’re looking for the cake topper on your cruise getaway, this is it.

The Langford

Now let’s discuss a couple low-cost Port of Miami hotels. Sometimes we simply don’t have time to lie out in the lap of luxury before our cruise.

If you just need a place to refuel and sleep for the night, consider The Langford.

It’s another well-appointed accommodation, but they manage to keep the price tag down. Right now it’s coming in at about $169.

What are the Best Port of Miami Hotels to Stay In?
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Situated in a historic building, The Langford is brimming with character. It’s meant to harken back to the days of prohibition.

Grab a bite to eat in their gorgeous restaurant, enjoy a nightcap at their rooftop bar, and then rest your soul in one of their premium guestrooms.

When you hear them offer you a complimentary glass of wine upon arrival, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.

River Park Hotel & Suites

Coming in at a cool $100 right now, River Park Hotel & Suites will help you maintain your budget before boarding the ship.

This is the perfect place to get some rest for the night and clean up before your ship sets sail. There are plenty of nearby restaurants for you to choose from, many right within the port itself.

The staff at River Park will be glad to arrange a shuttle to the port for a fee. However, it’s only two miles away so don’t worry too much about that.

The Jefferson Miami

This isn’t quite as close as the other Port of Miami hotels, but it’s nothing a small amount of cab fare can’t handle.
We wanted to make sure we provided one more low-cost, safe and clean option.

The Jefferson Miami is located in Little Havana. You know what that means. Soak up some delicious Cuban food the night you arrive.

Accommodations here are just what you need, clean and quiet. When you’re ready to sail off into another world, just ask the front desk to call you a cab.

The $88 you spend on this hotel stay will put your mind at ease and leave you with a little extra jingle in your pocket for each of those ports of call your cruise ship is about to make.

Select only the Finest Port of Miami Hotels

Here at South Florida Cruising, we’re only interested in bringing you the finest deals among Port of Miami hotels and so much more.

We can help you plan every last detail of your cruise, including where to park.

Perhaps you’ll sail out of Tampa the next time you want to vacation in style. In which case, here are three things you need to know.

No matter your destination, we’ll help you get there with the greatest of ease so you can, literally, sail off into the sunset of your dreams.

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